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Support FAQ

What do I need to use the interfaceGO NK8-PC application?
You will need a Universal Devices ISY-series home automation controller, running firmware 2.7.6, attached to your network.  You will need a supported lighting control system (currently Insteon).  You will also need a PC running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7, with the latest version of Java installed (currently 1.6), attached to the same network.

What type of lighting and thermostat controls does the NK8-PC support?
Since the NK8-PC software controls your lighting through the ISY series of home automation controllers, the software supports just about anything controllable by the ISY-26 or ISY-99.  The Universal Devices ISY currently supports Insteon.

What type of security system does the NK8-PC support?
The NK8 software arms and disarms your security system through the ISY series of home automation controllers, which currently supports the Elk M1.

What types of webcams does the NK8-PC support?
The NK8-PC can display full motion video from a supported webcam, from a URL you specify.  For greater compatibility with different webcam models, the NK8-PC can also take a still image from a webcam, from a URL you specify, and refresh the image as quickly as possible resulting in near full-motion video (depending on your system performance).
The following webcams have been tested successfully with fill motion:  - Panasonic BL-C1A
The following webcams have been tested successfully with still image refresh:  - Panasonic BL-C1A  - Panasonic BL-C111A  - D-Link DCS-2100+  - D-Link DCS-5300G
Other webcams that do not require a browser plug-in may work as well.

Why can’t the NK8-PC connect to my webcam?
Please be sure the URL you are providing to the NK8-PC works in your web browser.  The NK8-PC requires a “clean” connection to your web, with no username, password, or browser plug-ins required.  The URL you specify should go directly to an image form your webcam.  Here are some sample URLs:
Panasonic Still Image:×240
Panasonic Full Motion:×240
D-Link Still Image:

What type of electricity meter does the NK8-PC support?
The NK8-PC software views realtime electricity use and pricing through the ISY series of home automation controllers.  The ISY currently supports the Brultech electricity meter.

Why is the NK-PC and/or NK8 Config Utility not running on my PC?
Be sure that you have the latest Java (currently 1.6) installed from

Can I run the NK8-PC software at the same time as the NK8 Config Utility and/or ISY’s Administrative Console, from the same PC?
Yes.  With ISY firmware 2.6.5 or greater, and the NK8-PC v1.2.1 or greater, you can have multiple simultaneous connections to your ISY per PC.

Why isn’t the NK8 Config Utility downloading the list of devices & scenes from my ISY?
The Config Utility uses UPnP to connect to the ISY and download the list of devices & scenes.  If they are not showing up, be sure you are typing the correct username and password for your ISY, and be sure that you are able to establish a good UPnP connection with the ISY.  If the ISY’s Admin Console will not connect to the ISY from your PC, neither will our Config Utility.

Why am I getting a ‘LICENSE ERROR’ on startup?
Your NK8-PC software must be activated before using.  If you have not yet received your license file, please contact and provide us your activation code (displayed on-screen).  Once received, the “license.lic” file must be copied to the “interfaceGO” folder within your My Documents for the NK8-PC software to run.

Will the NK8-PC application run full-screen?
No.  The NK8-PC will run only in a fixed-size window (800×480).  Look for a future product from interfaceGO designed to run full-screen on Windows-based touchscreen PCs.

Can I control my lighting with the NK8-PC application through the internet?
Yes, the NK8-PC can be configured to control your home from any internet connection – as long as your router and ISY are configured to allow external access.  The NK8-PC supports both HTTP and HTTPS.  In the Config Utility, be sure to choose the “IP” connection method and fill in the appropriate fields.  Please keep in mind that an HTTP connection is not encrypted, so use this connection method at your own risk.

Why can’t I connect to my ISY over the internet?
Make sure you are connecting via ‘IP’ mode.  Be sure you have the ISY configured for access via the internet.  Be sure you have the ‘Host’ value typed in correctly (  Be sure you have the ‘UUID’ typed in correctly (uuid:xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx).  You can find your UUID on the HELP, ABOUT window of the ISY’s Administrative Console.

Is the interfaceGO NK8-PC application compatible with the NK8 touchscreen application for the Nokia?
Yes.  Because both software packages share the same configuration utility, a layout created for one application will work with the other.