interfaceGO NK8 Product Information

Introducing the interfaceGO NK8!

Our NK8 software converts the Nokia N800 or N810 wireless touch panel into a controller for your entire home’s lighting, thermostats, security system, webcams, and electricity meter.  The NK8 communicates over the internet, or over your home’s wifi network, to an ISY-series home automation controller from Universal-Devices.



- Customizable.  Our interface allows you to create your own hierarchy of folders & controls.  You create the layout and choose which buttons you want where.  Create a custom layout to match the touch panel’s location, or your personal preference!

- Thumb-friendly.  Our GUI is designed for easy control without a pen.  On-screen buttons are large, easy to press, and easy to read.

- Wireless.  Wifi connectivity lets the touch panel move around the home.  One touch panel can serve multiple locations.  The small and extremely light Nokia tablets can be carried easily from room to room!

- Attractive.  The Nokia’s gray/silver front gives it a classy yet modern look.  Our colorful and clean interface paired with the Nokia’s 4.1″ high resolution screen is a good-looking combination.

- Versatile.  Our touch panel software runs on the powerful Nokia N800 and N810.  Simply exit out of the NK8 home control software and you can browse the web, check your email, watch videos, listen to music, communicate on Skype, use the built-in webcam, etc.  Or, if you prefer, leave the Nokia running as a full-time home-control touchscreen!

- Easy.  Our drag-and-drop configuration utility automatically downloads devices & scenes saved in your ISY, and let’s you build your own custom interface in minutes!


Product FAQ

What do I need to use the interfaceGO NK8?
You will need a Universal Devices ISY-series home automation controller, running firmware 2.7.6, attached to your wifi network.  You will also need a Nokia N800 or N810 (available with the NK8 in a bundle) running OS2008, and a supported lighting control system (currently Insteon).  Since the NK8 is in constant communication with the ISY, a reliable wifi network is required.  Please make sure you have good wireless range in the areas you plan on using the NK8, and that you have no interference from other devices (2.4 Ghz phones, baby monitors, etc.) 

What are the requirements for the configuration utility?
The configuration utility requires a PC running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7, with the latest version of Java installed.  Minimum screen resolution is 1024×768.

What type of lighting and thermostat controls does the NK8 support?
Since the NK8 software controls your lighting through the ISY series of home automation controllers, the software supports just about anything controllable by the ISY-26 or ISY-99.  The Universal Devices ISY currently supports Insteon. 

What type of security system does the NK8 support?
The NK8 software arms and disarms your security system through the ISY series of home automation controllers, which currently supports the Elk M1.

What types of webcams does the NK8 support?
The NK8 will take a still image from a webcam, from a URL you specify, and refresh the image approximately every 5 seconds.  The following webcams have been tested successfully:
- Panasonic BL-C1A
- Panasonic BL-C111A
- D-Link DCS-2100+
- D-Link DCS-5300G

Other webcams that provide a still image URL may work as well.

What type of electricity meter does the NK8 support?
The NK8 software views realtime electricity use and pricing through the ISY series of home automation controllers.  The ISY currently supports the Brultech electricity meter.

How configurable is the interfaceGO NK8′s interface?
Very.  We’ve designed the GUI to allow full control over the folder/button hierarchy to suit the end-user’s preference and primary touchscreen location. 

Where’s the exit button?
The user can configure the interface to show an exit button in the upper-right hand corner of the touchscreen, or instead use a tiny hidden exit button.  Screenshots above are with the hidden exit button.

Is the interfaceGO NK8 limited to 8 buttons per folder?
No, though it is limited to 8 user-definable buttons per page.  The customizable interface does allow multiple pages of buttons within a folder.

Does the NK8 display the status of my home in real-time?
Yes.  The interfaceGO NK8 communicates with the ISY in real-time – no manual screen refreshing is needed.  If the ISY knows that a light, thermostat, or security system status has changed, the NK8 knows and will update it’s GUI immediately.

What are the specs on the Nokia N800/N810?
The Nokia N800/N810 includes a high-resolution (800×480) 4.1″ touchscreen and 802.11g wifi capabilities.  Other specs are available on Nokia’s web site.

What is the expected battery life of the Nokia?
Battery life will vary dramatically depending on screen settings and type of use.  At default screen settings, our experience on an N800 is that a full charge on a new battery will last for 20-26 hours of typical use, running the NK8 software full-time.  This is with wifi enabled, but Bluetooth disabled.  Of course, the Nokia can always be left plugged in via its included AC adapter.

Are there any advantages to buying the Nokia N810 over the N800?
There is no advantage to using the N810 over the N800 with our NK8 software.  The N810 includes a sliding backlit keyboard and a few other nice features – but, for dedicated NK8 software use, the N800 is just as good.

Does the interfaceGO NK8 also run on the Nokia 770?
The NK8 will NOT run on the Nokia 770. 

Can I still use the Nokia N800/N810 for other tasks?
Sure.  The user can exit out of the NK8 software and use the Nokia to browse the web, play media files, run other applications, etc.

Can I have multiple N800/N810s running the NK8 software in my home?

Can I control my home with the NK8 software through the internet?
Yes, the N800/N810 can be configured with the NK8 software to control your home from any wifi internet connection – as long as your router and ISY are configured to allow external access.  The NK8 currently supports HTTP access only – it does not support HTTPS.  Since the NK8 is in constant communication with the ISY, a reliable internet connection is required.  Please keep in mind that an HTTP connection is not encrypted, so use this connection method at your own risk.

Is the interfaceGO NK8 for Nokia compatible with the NK8-PC application?
Yes.  Because both software packages share the same configuration utility, a layout created for one application will work with the other.

How many touch panels can I install the NK8 software on?
The NK8 software is licensed to be installed on a single Nokia N800/N810 touch panel.  Additional touch panels require additional licenses.  The Config Utility can be installed on as many PCs as you’d like.

When will the interfaceGO NK8 be available?
The NK8 is now shipping.

How much does the interfaceGO NK8 cost?
Check our Store for more details.