interfaceGO NK8-PC Product Information

Introducing the interfaceGO NK8-PC!

The NK8-PC is an application that allows control of your entire home’s lighting, thermostats, security system, webcams and electricity meter from a PC running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7.  The NK8-PC works through the popular ISY series of home automation controllers.




- Customizable.  Our interface allows you to create your own hierarchy of folders & controls.  You create the layout and choose which buttons you want where.  Create a custom layout to match your PC’s location, or your personal preference!

- Easy.  Our drag-and-drop configuration utility automatically downloads devices & scenes saved in your ISY, and let’s you build your own custom interface in minutes!




Product FAQ

What do I need to use the interfaceGO NK8-PC application?
You will need a Universal Devices ISY-series home automation controller, running firmware 2.7.6, attached to your network.  You will also need a PC running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7, with the latest version of Java installed (currently 1.6).

What are the requirements for the configuration utility?
The configuration utility requires a PC running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7, with the latest version of Java installed (currently 1.6).  Minimum screen resolution is 1024×768.

What type of lighting and thermostat controls does the NK8-PC support?
Since the NK8-PC software controls your lighting through the ISY series of home automation controllers, the software supports just about anything controllable by the ISY-26 or ISY-99.  The Universal Devices ISY currently supports Insteon. 

What type of security system does the NK8-PC support?
The NK8 software arms and disarms your security system through the ISY series of home automation controllers, which currently supports the Elk M1.

What types of webcams does the NK8-PC support?
The NK8-PC can display full motion video from a supported webcam, from a URL you specify.  For greater compatibility with different webcam models, the NK8-PC can also take a still image from a webcam, from a URL you specify, and refresh the image as quickly as possible resulting in near full-motion video (depending on your system performance).

The following webcams have been tested successfully with fill motion:
- Panasonic BL-C1A

The following webcams have been tested successfully with still image refresh:
- Panasonic BL-C1A
- Panasonic BL-C111A
- D-Link DCS-2100+
- D-Link DCS-5300G

Other webcams that do not require a browser plug-in may work as well.

What type of electricity meter does the NK8-PC support?
The NK8-PC software views realtime electricity use and pricing through the ISY series of home automation controllers.  The ISY currently supports the Brultech electricity meter.

How configurable is the interfaceGO NK8-PC’s interface?
Very.  We’ve designed the GUI to allow full control over the folder/button hierarchy to suit the end-user’s preference. 

Is the interfaceGO NK8-PC limited to 8 buttons per folder?
No, though it is limited to 8 user-definable buttons per page.  The customizable interface does allow multiple pages of buttons within a folder.

Does the NK8-PC display the status of my home in real-time?
Yes.  The interfaceGO NK8-PC communicates with the ISY in real-time – no manual screen refreshing is needed.  If the ISY knows that a light, thermostat, or security system status has changed, the NK8-PC knows and will update it’s GUI immediately.

Will the NK8-PC application run full-screen?
No.  The NK8-PC will run only in a fixed-size window (800×480).  Look for a future product from interfaceGO designed to run full-screen on Windows-based touchscreen PCs.

Can I control my home with the NK8-PC application through the internet?
Yes, the NK8-PC can be configured to control your home from any internet connection – as long as your router and ISY are configured to allow external access.  The NK8-PC supports both HTTP and HTTPS.  Since the NK8 is in constant communication with the ISY, a reliable internet connection is required.  Please keep in mind that an HTTP connection is not encrypted, so use this connection method at your own risk.

Is the interfaceGO NK8-PC application compatible with the NK8 touchscreen application for the Nokia?
Yes.  Because both software packages share the same configuration utility, a layout created for one application will work with the other.

Can’t I already control my ISY automation controller through the PC?
Yes – but the NK8-PC software provides a more simplified and organized way to control your lighting & thermostats.  Friendly for the whole family!

How many PCs can I install the NK8-PC software on?
The NK8-PC software is licensed to be installed on a single PC.  Additional PCs require additional licenses.  The Config Utility can be installed on as many PCs as you’d like.

When will the interfaceGO NK8-PC application be available?
The NK8-PC is now shipping.

How much does the interfaceGO NK8-PC cost?
Check our Store for more details.